• Suspects

    Suspects - New drama, Channel 5

  • Plan B Live at the O2

    Plan B - Live at the 02 The Grindhouse Tour

  • Hollyoaks Later

    Hollyoaks Later

  • Girls Aloud 'Beautiful 'Cause You Love Me'

    Girls Aloud Music Video 'Beautiful 'Cause You Love Me'

  • Red Bull

    Mizone Commercial

  • 6A Middleton Place, Fitzrovia

    6A Middleton Place, Fitzrovia

  • Da Vinci Suites

    Da Vinci Suites

  • Sequence Post 2013

    Sequence Post 2013

  • Suite One

    Suite One


Cutting Edge Post with a Personal Touch

Sequence Post is a boutique post house with a talented team, driven by a relentless desire to push boundaries.

The success of our business model is a result of our flexible, reliable and quick thinking approach.

For 2013 we have launched the first totally file based, video deck free, HD post house in the UK. Our agnostic technological approach to post, means we can switch easily between all mainstream non-linear editing platforms and video formats at the touch of a button.  We simply choose the best tool for any given job and make it work for you.

Since our brand was established in 2004, we have contributed to multiple BAFTA, RTS and Broadcast Award wins for our clients and have independently featured in distinguished listings for craft and business achievements in our industry sector.

Our long list of loyal clients encompasses a wide variety of genres including Documentary, Drama, Sport, Music, Entertainment, Commercial and Feature Film. We have  post-produced distinguished work from Top Gear commercials all the way to 4k James Bond titles.

Most importantly our size enables us to adapt quickly and always maintain the feel of a small, friendly, family style business where our clients feel truly looked after.